Other Projects

Charles Church Bures Sales Cabin

This Sales Cabin Landscaping was created for the Charles Church Bures development in Suffolk.

Cala Homes, Dixons Wharf

Down To Earth Landscapes were asked to produce a landscape design that really brought the sales area to life, whilst complementing the existing features such as the large mature tree.

Chelmsford School

For Chelmsford School, the safety of the children’s play area was paramount, and it was upon this basis that we designed and built the feature. A large area was dug out with slabs laid on the bottom with a wall to retain the soil. Keeping in mind the client’s brief, we also included a slope to the top and it had a small fence running along the top of the wall, ensuring that no children could fall off. We included a shed at the top to house the children’s toys and the whole area had a close board fence all the way around. The final picture shows the mayor’s visit.

Cornard Barratt

Another one of our award winning sites designed for Cornard Barratt at their request which also shows a small decking area in a rear garden.

Otter’s Holt

The Environment Agency commissioned us to build an otter’s holt on the Stour River for the protection and conservation of wild otters.